Where Building Construction is an Art

Archifirm Project Co., a subsidiary of Arc de Vinci Consulting, strives to exceed the client’s expectations in terms of understanding the design. “Where Building construction is an Art” has become a trademark of Archifirm because of the company’s meticulous examination and evaluation of each detail of the project. Archifirm’s sensitivity to, and appreciation for, quality and specialized design have become values of all its members.


The firm takes pride in making sure the design intent is realized by applying creative approaches to means and methods including the extensive use of mock-ups and by matching the proper trade or specialty subcontractor with each project.

Excellent relationships with subcontractors allow Archifirm to continually provide competitive pricing. An in-house database is utilized to control and monitor the company’s estimating, purchasing and procurement activity. The project manager handles all these responsibilities for the client – providing a single source of knowledge and responsibility throughout the project.

This approach has consistently resulted in the firm’s ability to exceed client expectations and has maintained Archifirm’s reputation as a company with the resources of a large firm, but the intimacy, agility and efficiency of a small company.

Archifirm’s organizational structure is crucial in enabling the firm to provide such a high level of customer satisfaction. The head of each of the firm’s multiple divisions leads a tight-knit team that is driven by the determination to succeed. While able to draw on the resources and expertise of the firm as a whole, each division focuses on its own specific projects. This provides an increased level of extensive experience and personal service to each client.